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Annual WZO BBQ is a great success - Sunday July 13th 2014 Bookmark and Share
Annual WZO BBQ is a great success - Sunday July 13th 2014 By Shahin Bekhradnia

You can never be sure of the weather in London so it was with some trepidation that participants must have set out for the excellent venue at the Cricket Club in Staines which offers such a congenial setting with its vast green lawns and club house facilities.

We need not have worried.   As if on cue, the sun managed to beat off the clouds for the main part of the afternoon and with the protection of the awning over the terrace and the option of sitting out at tables and chairs on the grass to enjoy the sun, a very happy atmosphere prevailed throughout the afternoon.

While food may be top of the agenda for some people, others come because they know that there will be good music to enjoy and  also dancing if highly motivated (as some people always are), and also raffles, games and general bonhomie.  It is encouraging to see many more young families turning up and enjoying themselves, knowing that they will be linking up with some other friends that they don’t necessarily see that often.

As always, a very good BBQ grill plus several salads was provided by the efficient efforts of WZO social secretary Armaity Engineer and her daughter Benafsha, aided by the loyal helpers who always step up to the mark when asked.

Alcohol and soft drinks were available without limit and some wonderful  sweets and deserts were also  offered us all.  At these events there is no way anyone can leave hungry as the food is abundant and tasty and there for the taking.

These BBQs are getting better  each year, and so it is definitely worth putting it in the diary and coming along with a bunch of friends to ensure that you spend a highly enjoyable Sunday.  It’s great value for money and a nice way to keep up the community spirit!!  And remember that if there is surplus (this year WZO raised £3000+), this means that more charitable activities to help our own and the world at large can be initiated.

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