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Registration for E-course on Zarathushti Religion now open Bookmark and Share
Registration for E-course on Zarathushti Religion now open By WZO Admin

E-Course on Zarathushti Religion

from the Zarathushti Learning Center of North America

6943 Fieldstone Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527-5295             

With the goal of providing sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Zarathushti Religion, the Zarathushti Learning Center of North America will offer an E-Course on Zarathushti Religion starting in January 2015. This e-course will be emailed free of cost to all interested individuals, one lesson each month.

The lessons are based on the teachings of Dastoorji Navroze Minocher Homji. These lessons were developed by Kayomarsh Mehta in Chicago over the last 30 years. They continue to be in use in the Religion Education Programs at several locations worldwide. The lessons concentrate on understanding the fundamental concepts of our religion, as expressed in our daily Avesta Prayers. Mastering these concepts will enable us to recite our prayers intelligently with full understanding of what they mean. They will teach us as to how to live our daily life according to the teachings of our religion.

Mere muttering of Prayers without understanding their meaning might indicate faith in them; but, such muttering leaves the Spiritual Thirst of our Soul unquenched. Let us mend that mode. Let us discover that there is more to our religion than just Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

If you are interested in receiving these lessons of the E-Course on Zarathushti Religion, please send an email to kayomehta@aol.com  expressing your desire to register for the course or contact him on +1 630-654-8828.

Zarathushtis Learning Center of North America was established as an independent Foundation in 1999 by Nergish & Kayomarsh Mehta of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Foundation is committed to serve the educational needs of Zarathushtis worldwide.

Kayomarsh Mehta is a Religion Education Teacher, Chair of Religion Education, a Director, a Trustee and the past President of the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago. Kayomarsh has served as the  Chair of Religion Education of FEZANA and is a recipient of the Outstanding Zoroastrian Award of FEZANA. Kayomarsh is currently serving as the President of World Zoroastrian Organization (WZO) US Region.

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