WZO supports the “Plant A Tree” project

Wzo Plant A Tree

The World Zoroastrian Organisation is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the “PLANT A TREE” program, the first initiative of the new Zoroastrian Eco Group launched on World Earth Day 2021.  Traditionally, to celebrate the birth of a child or to commemorate the life a beloved deceased member of the family, Zoroastrians would plant a…

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“Ba Humata” Celebrates Khordaad Saal

Zarathushtra's Message

Ba Humata is a monthly webinar series which invites speakers from all over the world to share their views and discuss the concepts within Zoroastrianism. Their Khordaad Saal Special was hosted as an additional webinar on Sunday 28th March. The full recording can be viewed here. Given below is Ba Humata’s message celebrating the birth…

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