WZO is staffed by a team of volunteers who give their time to run the organisation. Our committee is international, with members from all over the globe to truly make this a worldwide organisation focussed on bringing our wider Zoroastrian community together whatever their background.

Office Bearers

Chairperson         Rumi Sethna

Rumi was elected as the Chairman of WZO on the 7th February 2021. Rumi and his wife Hilda have tirelessly volunteered for the Zoroastrian community, actively participating in organising and raising money for the community. In the 1980s, they raised over £15,000 for the extension of the ZTFE premises in London. Rumi and Hilda joined WZO in 1986 and turned their own home into its Headquarters from where the Gujarat farmers project operated after 1990. They travelled to India filming the condition of rural Parsis in order to raise awareness worldwide, making an enormous difference to many lives.

With perseverance and commitment for over 20 years they have raised more than £200,000 towards various WZO projects and donated generously to the establishment of the World Zoroastrian House in London. Hilda and Rumi have hosted many Gala Dinner Dances in aid of the charitable activities of WZO, and have devoted much time and energy to the Organisation.

You can read Rumi's address to the committee after his election HERE


President              Dr Zenobia Nadirshaw, MBE

Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw MBE is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and with 3 Honorary Doctorates and 2 Professorships at 2 different Universities in UK. She has over 44 years of experience of working in the English National Health Services and social services sector also Voluntary and Statutory Corporations with financial and management responsibilities.

Her areas of experience and practice includes clinical work, managerial and organisational work (including Corporate Governance work). She has published widely in the area of Double Discrimination which addresses issues of inequality, disadvantage and discrimination for vulnerable people in Society.

Zenobia is well versed with the topics of Corporate Governance, team management, new business development and business strategy, including Risk Assessment and Risk Management, mentoring, negotiation, action research, Corporate  Management, Organisational Consultant / Supervisor, Finance Management, Audit and Ethical and Moral responsibility of Organisations. She has been Trustee and Chair of several Boards and Committees, including being Honorary Treasurer.

Professor Nadirshaw has received several awards over the years from the British Psychological Society, from the City of London (Freeman of the City of London), Inspirational Migrant Woman of The Year and in 2019 received an MBE from Prince William at Buckingham Palace in 2019.

You can read Zenobia's address to the committee after her election HERE


Vice-President     Shirin Mehri (Pakistan)

Shirin Mehri joined the committee in 2021, and was appointed editor of the WZO's Hamazor magazine. She has now been elected Vice President and WZO is very proud to have a young person step up to take on the role of VP of the organisation.

Shirin's passion for an equitable educational and social landscape continues to be evident in her professional and volunteer work. After successfully completing projects in education in the United States and the UAE, Shirin was leading projects on family-friendly workplaces and Pakistan's investment landscape in partnership with the IFC at the Pakistan Business Council. She has recently joined the Undergraduate Education office at Habib University, Pakistan's leading liberal arts instituition and aims to work with the HU community to enhance their student experiences.

Shirin was also the Team Lead at Green Box working with youth to equipt them with the right skills needed for solutions to challenges in the 21st century.

Shirin holds a Masters degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College and an undergraduate degree in Economics & Finance from SUNY Plattsburgh.


Hon. Treasurer    Dinyar Modi

Hon. Secretary     Benafsha Engineer-Mulla

Social Secretary (Joint)    Armaity Engineer and Manijeh Parki


Committee Members

Ms Shahin Bekhradnia                    U.K                                             Ervad Dr Jehan Bagli               Canada
Mr Rustam Dubash U.K Mr. Fariborz Rahnamoon Canada
Mrs Armaity Engineer U.K Mr Sam Vesuna Canada
Ms Benafsha Engineer U.K Mrs Meher Amersey India
Ms Tushna Ghadially U.K Mr Homi R Khusrokhan India
Mr Dinyar J Modi U.K Ervad Jimmy Madon India
Mr Darayus Motivala U.K Mr Dadi Mistry India
Prof. Zenobia Nadirshaw (MBE) U.K Mr Darius S Mistry New Zealand
Mrs Manijeh Parki U.K Ms Shirin Mehri Pakistan
Mr Rumi Sethna U.K Mr Russi M. Ghadiali Singapore
Dastur Dr Kersey H. Antia U.S.A
Mr Maneck Bhujwala U.S.A
Dr Parmis Khatibi U.S.A
Mr Kayomarsh Mehta U.S.A
Mr Kersi Shroff U.S.A