An Urgent Appeal for Peenaz Assudaria, Secunderabad, India

Peenaz Assudaria, is a 32-year kidney failure patient suffering with an acute Kidney Failure requiring an urgent kidney transplant. Her mother has tested to qualify as a potential kidney   donor.

Peenaz lost her father early January 2023 on account of which the transplant scheduled for 6th January, has been postponed by a few weeks. The amount required is nearly Rs.3,000,000 (about £30,000) which the family can ill afford.

Peenaz Assudaria needs our help. WZO will make a donation from its Noshirwan Cowasjee Medical Benevolent Fund and this will be added to your donation. With your assistance, we can help her in her hour of need to overcome her unfortunate situation. Please extend support for this very sad and deserving case and donate generously to help her with her transplant and recovery.

Kindly make your donation through our website at with a reference to “Peenaz Assudaria”.

Thank you very much for your Zoroastrian Spirit.

Yours sincerely,

Rumi Sethna

Chair, WZO