An Urgent Request for Help for Dr Shahin Nouri

Dr. Nouri is a 57-year-old Iranian-American Neurologist in New York who has two rare and aggressive forms of Lymphoma that can only be cured with a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, a stem cell match has not been found among his relatives. The next step is to find a donor of Persian or related ethnicities (Middle Eastern, South Asian, or Caucasian) between the ages of 18 and 44 years old.

We need your help in reaching out and informing your community members and organizational contacts about our search for a matching stem cell donor to save Dr. Nouri. We also hope that our efforts will bring more awareness to minority communities and inspire more donors to register and save a life. Donors of our ethnicities are desperately needed for the survival of many others.

Our goal is to reach as many potential donors in the next 6 weeks and to direct them to register for stem cell donations. We are also eager to conduct stem cell donation drives and have already scheduled several on the West Coast.

If you live in a country outside of the US and Canada, you are still able to donate to Shahin by registering in your own country’s stem cell registry. Please find your country’s BeTheMatch partnership here:

The testing and donation process is simple, non-invasive, and free of charge, and the donation process is like giving blood but for a little longer time.

To learn more about Dr. Nouri and stem cell donation please visit: and

You can also find FAQ about stem cell donation at is a community of Dr. Nouri’s friends and family striving, and hoping, to find a matching stem cell donor for him within the very small window of time he has left.