Apply for Funding

WZO awards grants to deserving individuals and charities, primarily Zoroastrian,for a variety of purposes including the relief of poverty and assistance with medical or educational expenses.
1. Educational Loans and Grants
WZO Educational Funds offer interest-free educational loans which are available for all students except from India.
Please download wzo_education_appl and forward it to World Zoroastrian Organisation at 135 Tennison Road, London SE25 5NF UK or email to chairman_at_w-z-o_dot_org.For applicants from India, educational grants are available in association with the Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation (ERSF). To apply for this grant, please download ERSF_grant_appl (the form will be available for download at a later date in 2017) and forward it to The President, World Zoroastrian Organisation, 11 Beeches Wood, Kingswood, Surrey. KT20 6PR, UK or email to president_at_w-z-o_dot_org
2. Medical Grants

For Medical Grants in India,please download the medical forms applicants-india and return with the requested enclosures to The WZO Trust Funds,SHANTI, 5th Floor, 6 Banaji Street,Fort, Mumbai 400 001. India or mail to wzo_trust_at_w-z-o_dot_org.
For other parts of the world, please download the medical forms applicants-row and return with the requested enclosures to World Zoroastrian Organisation at 135 Tennison Road, London SE25 5NF. UK or email to wzo_trust_at_w-z-o_dot_org.

3. Other Grants
For any other funding request, please send an email to grants_at_w-z-o_dot_org with a brief explanation. We will let you know whether WZO is able to assist and what further information is required.
Please note a request for funding does not oblige WZO to provide the funding.