‘Zoroastrian origins – of the Christmas tradition’!
by E.J. Kanga
Are the Yezidis Zoroastrian?
by Shahin Bekhradnia

It is a tragedy that the world has become familiar with the name Yazidi in recent weeks, only because this traditionally secretive community has become the latest victims of Islamic intolerance in the Middle East.

“May Ahuramazda be your Friend!”
by Farrokh Vajifdar
The Wedding Ceremony
by Kersey Antia
Review of Parsis: A People of the Book by S M Taher Rezwi
by Shahin Bekhradnia

Parsis: People of the Book has received plenty of publicity, not least because its reprint has been espoused by WZO which publishes Hamazor. In conjunction with the author’s family who sponsored the reprint after redactions by Farrokh Vajifdar, WZO organised the book launch at an elegant reception at Asia House, in the centre of London on Sunday 1st June.