“Ba Humata” Celebrates Khordaad Saal

Ba Humata is a monthly webinar series which invites speakers from all over the world to share their views and discuss the concepts within Zoroastrianism. Their Khordaad Saal Special was hosted as an additional webinar on Sunday 28th March. The full recording can be viewed here. Given below is Ba Humata’s message celebrating the birth of Asho Zarathushtra for Khordaad Saal.

ýânîm  manô, ýânîm  vachô, ýânîm  shyaothnem ashaonô  Zarathushtrahe

The Thoughts, Words and Deeds of Asho Zarathushtra bring advancement.

Ba Humata  celebrates Khordaal Saal (the birth of our Prophet Asho Zarathushtra) to give gratitude to Asho Zarathushtra and his guidance to Nurture Nature and Mother Earth.



In Asho Zarathushtra, I see the great Neuro-Cognitive Thought Leader who has given us timeless and time-tested messages that apply in all aspects of life to achieve the Good of All.

His message is a profound yet simple one which I have encapsulated in the principles of the Ba Humata endeavour as below.

Ba Humata - Philosophy in the Gathas

The messages in the Gathas and in the Paak Khordeh Avesta and texts of the Zarathushti Daena enable us to grow in our journey from ASHA (Purity)  to USHTA (Happiness) in a Fellowship working for the Peace, Happiness and the Good of All.

Applying the principles in the Ahuna Vairya Prayer and the principles of the Amesha Spentas, Asho Zarathushtra’s message can be applied to take good action (Shyaothenanam Angheush Mazdai) to grow/advance an idea (a seed/thought) and share the outcome of the  positive endeavour with others.

Ba Humata is hereby celebrating the very auspicious ocassion of Paak Asho Zarathushtra’s Birth. His guidance can help us to contribute to the purity of our Mother Earth in accordance with the Gathas by Nurturing Nature for the Good of All. As this is also the United Nations month dedicated to Earth, this is of special significance.

With the blessings of Ahura Mazda and a Good Mind (Vohu Manah), we can prepare absolutely pure (Asha Vahishta) SOIL. Seeds can then be planted, nourished and protected using the strength and power that comes from Khashatra-Vairya. With Benevolence and progressive devotion (Spenta Armaity), completeness and welfare (Hurvatat) can be achieved. When the product of such a project is then shared with Wisdom, it can benefit those who need it and result in abundance and perpetuity (Ameeratat).

Ba Humata’s anthem is the  very first verse of the Gathas:

Yasna Ha 28.1 (Ahunavada Gatha)

Ahyâ    ýâsâ     nemanghâ                    ustânazastô   rafedhrahyâ

Now     I pray    In humble  adoration     hands uplift   rejoicing

manyêush        mazdâ   pourvîm  speñtahyâ               ashâ               vîspêñg  shyaothanâ

to the invisible  Mazda   firstly      who is bountiful  Righteous       all                deeds

vanghêush Khratûm     mananghô    ýâ         khshnevîshâ      gêushcâ            urvânem

good    wisdom  of the mind    so that  I   may please    the universe’s     soul

Ba Humata - Khordaad Saal Message

Focussing on our Benevolent and unconditionally loving Mother Earth is a concept deep seated in Asho Zarathushtra’s message. Today we can understand that the Clean food, uncontaminated with pesticides, plastics and unnecessary chemicals can provide nourishment that results in a healthy Physiology. Without harmful chemicals our Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system can function well. Such Good Health and Well being can result in Low stress in Society leading to the generation of a healthy brain that can be devoted to Education and applied to Entrepreneurship. Such a Society that is Healthy and Working together in a Fellowship can generate good Thoughts (Humata) and take good action (Hvarshta) with an Entrepreneurial Spirit. When the abundance is shared with others it can have a knock on effect and result in a Progressive Economy and an Aesthetic pure environment with high Biodiversity.

In today’s world, we need a healthy Immune System and a well Nurtured Nature– through which we will also benefit in the long term and leave it in the good hands of the future generations.

Fifty to sixty thousand thoughts pass through our minds each day. With mindfulness  each thought  can be made beautiful, positive and happy as the ‘seed’ of good Action. As the Yatha Ahu Vairyo states, the gift of the Good mind comes to one who takes good action in consonance with the Eternal Energy of Ahura Mazda and shares with those who are needy.

Thus, cultivating the fundamental Neuro-Cognifive principles of our Prophet Asho Zarathushtra’s Gathas, the Amesha Spenta’s and the Ahunavar  a Seed grown Clean Soil or a Thought grown in a Clean Mind – bring  Peace, Prosperity and Happiness for the Good of All.

With much respect and gratitude to Asho Zarathushta,

Jerou Panthaki RamMohan and Dr. Karishma Koka.