Parsi Times – ‘The Z Factor’: Zerbanoo Gifford And Her Zest For Life!


The Parsi Times have published a wonderful interview with Zerbanoo Gifford, a dear friend and supporter of the World Zoroastrian Organisation, whose father, Bailey Irani was one of our founding members. Zerbanoo has been on our Management Committee and is currently, amongst other things, empowering and mobilising the youth in our community. She always encourages…

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WZO Newsletter 7

WZO Newsletter Issue 7 is now available to read at with information about recent and upcoming events, as well as interesting articles and information for our members, friends and supporters.

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WZO Shahenshai Muktad 6th -15th August 2022

WZO will be holding our Online Live Muktaad Services this year, conducted by our resident priest Ervad Fali Madon with the assistance of other Mobeds and Mobedyars (priests) in the UK . We are happy to introuduce  Mrs Nawaz Vatcha who resides in London this year for the Muktads. She has been training to become…

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Tirgan: The Zoroastrian Festival of the Rains

Background Pattern And Texture Of Rippling Water

  Tirgan: The Zoroastrian Festival of the Rains by Pablo Vazquez In this informative article, we learn about the festival of Tirgan, celebrated on 1st July 2022 this year, its meaning, traditions and importance. We thanks the author Pablo Vazquez for another informative and interesting contribution. WZO will be celebrating Tirgan at WZO House in…

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WZO Newsletter #6

Please follow this link to read our most recent newsletter which contains information about upcoming events as well as some interesting articles for our members, friends and supporters.  

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Shahenshahi Zarthost-No-Diso

With thanks to WZO Board Member Kayomarsh Mehta of the Zarathushti Learning Center of North America for sharing this article with us. “Dae Mahino, Khorshed Roj” is observed as Zarthost-No-Diso, the commemoration of the death anniversary of our prophet Zarathushtra.  This year, the Shahenshahi Zarthost-No-Diso falls on Monday, the 23rd of May. As we approach Zarthost-No-Diso,…

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Nowruz Celebrations in Kurdistan 2022

WZO is pleased to be able to share this report and photos of the Nowruz Celebration in Kurdistan courtesy of Awat Darya. This was one of the biggest 2022 Nowruz Celebrations organized by Awat Darya and her group of volunteers in Kurdistan, where over 10,000 people attended. With no funding from any Zoroastrian Association or…

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The Zoroastrian Holy Season

As we look forward to the celebration of Nowruz 2022 at the time of the Vernal Equinox on Sunday 20th March 2022 at 15:33:26 GMT, we hope that you enjoy reading this informative article, kindly contributed by fellow Zoroastrian and scholar Pablo Vazquez, about the festivals celebrated during what can be called the “Zoroastrian Holy…

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Sadeh by Fariborz Rahnamoon

Img 2001

WZO Committee member Fariborz Rahnamoon has contributed an article with further information so you may learn more about the festival of Jashn-e-Sadeh. Please click the “Continue Reading” button below and from there you will be able to then follow the link to read this article.

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