Donations & Appeals

Why Donate?
Our purpose is to assist and to educate and for this we need to receive funds so that we can deliver our mission. We therefore urge you to visit this page and to see the range of activities that you can help us to support. If you need financial assistance, please go to the ‘Apply for funding‘ page.

Thanks to fund raising efforts, bequests and donations, as well as competent financial management, WZO has been able to build up a range of funds to sponsor Zoroastrians in a variety of activities. These are listed here.

Special Appeals Fund

From time to time a particular need arises, which might be entirely focussed on our own Zoroastrian community. Occasionally however, WZO will launch an appeal in the face of a particular event or human tragedy that reaches beyond our own people. At the moment we are trying to boost the funds available for Educational purposes and our main fundraising efforts are focussed on this.

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For WZO to process applications for assistance, we have forms and procedures which need to be followed and these are set out when you click here.