United Farvardegan Prayers held 29th August 2021

2021 marks the 34th Anniversary of the “United Farvardegan Prayers”, initiated by the late Noshirwan F. Cowasjee, who steadfastly refused to accept the immorality of dividing families and friends in the act of worship for their dear departed ones. Noshirwan strongly believed in human rights, which encompass the right of worship without fear and intimidation. The Zoroastrian community owes a lot to him for the benefits he has bestowed upon it through the Medical Benevolent Fund.

After his passing away, our dear late Sammy Bhiwandiwalla along with his wife, Ursula, continued these prayers and organised them year after year.

WZO will now continue these prayers for many years to come.

What is Farvardegan?

Farvardegan is the celebration of the Roj Farvardin and Mah Farvardin and is a day held very sacred by Zarathushtis. According to the Shahenshai calendar, it falls on Friday 6th September 2021.

If you would like to read more about Farvardegan and the concept of Farvardin, there are 2 interesting articles on our website and we thank both the authors for allowing us to publish these:

United Farvardegan Prayers

Continuing the good work of Noshirwan Cowasjee and Sammy & Ursula Bhiwandiwalla, WZO invited all Zoroastrians and non–Zoroastrian spouses and family members to join us on Sunday, 29th August for an “Anushe Ruvan nu Jashan” (Prayers in memory of departed souls) to remember our departed souls and thus become the torch bearers of progress, unity and amity within our small but forward looking community. The prayers were held at the Zoroastrian Burial Ground, Brookwood Cemetery, Brookwood, Surrey in an idyllic setting. For those unable to attend, the prayers were also broadcast Live on our website at www.w-z-o.org/live and on Facebook where you can also watch the recording https://fb.watch/7HDhTPBNNF/

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Our resident priest Ervad Fali Madon and WZO Board Member Ervad Jimmy Madon performed the Jashan in the presence of our WZO supporters, in remembrance of dear departed ones.

Refreshments were served and we thank our supporters for their generous donations of food, drink and assistance. Thankfully the weather, though slightly chilly for August, was dry which allows for safe outdoor socialisation and allowed the community to come together once again after the extended pandemic-related ceasing of events.

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In the words of our dear late Sammy Bhiwandiwalla:

Every year by the grace of our CREATOR and blessings of departed souls, our “UNITED FARVARDEGAN PRAYER” has been attended by Zoroastrian and non‑Zoroastrian spouses from all over the United Kingdom and also visitors to the U.K. from abroad.  ZARATHUSHTRA was the first Prophet who emancipated Religion from the exclusive narrowness of the tribal God(s).  HE left to the Universe the Legacy of the “RIGHT OF WORSHIP” of AHURA MAZDA.

The “RIGHT OF WORSHIP” is the fundamental and inherent prerogative of everyone. Nothing has and nothing should deter anyone in joining our “UNITED FARVARDEGAN PRAYER”.

“There is ONE God – ONE Divine Element – ONE WHO HAS NO EQUAL”
“We are all CREATION of the same GOD”

“There is but ONE Law for ALL
The Law of the CREATOR, the Law of HUMANITY”

All those who attend this “UNITED FARVARDEGAN PRAYER” set an example to our future generation and lead them to THE RIGHT OF WORSHIP in the true Zoroastrian tradition.