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Issue 2/2018

We are informed of Dr Farhang Meher’s passing away in this isuue. Farhang’s passing away is not only WZOs loss, but the loss of the whole Zarathushti community. Dr Farhang Mehr – one can say, was the Father of WZO, as it was at his suggestion, persuasion and vision that WZO was formed in 1980.

Also Prof John Hinnells, a devoted scholar to Zoroastrianism, a teacher, author of many essays and publications and an erudite lecturer passed away on 3 May at the age of 71.  Prof Hinnells had contributed a number of times in the Hamazor, despite his ill health.  He was held in high esteem for his scholarly work on our community, especially on the UK diaspora and through his efforts restarted the Zoroastrian Studies at SOAS.

All members of WZO are requested to read pp 69-72 carefully as it is an important piece of EU legislation to protect individuals. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May. The GDPR has been included for your information in this issue of The Hamazor.

Issue 1/2018

The Chairman and the members of the WZO Committee offer their sympathies to the bereaved families and through Hamazor carry our tributes for Professor K D Irani, Mrs Dhunmai Dalal, Dr Abtin Sassanfar, Mr Farrokh Vajifdar and Dr Meherwan Boyce.

Issue 3/2017

This issue of Hamazor pays tribute to an extraordinary human being, Professor Kaikhosrov D Irani. The Chairman and the members of the WZO Committee offer their sympathies to the bereaved family of Professor Kaikhosrov D Irani.

Issue 2/2017

This Issue carries quite a few pages on the Zoroastrian Kurds who visited the US in March & April. Despite all odds they are keen to learn about ‘their’ lost religion and roots; and kudos go to the open minded Zarathushtis who welcomed them in various cities, sharing their knowledge on our Faith.

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Hamazor Archives
Issue 1/2017

This interesting issue has an indepth article by Farroukh Jorat on the reconstructed Atashgah of Khinalig, Azerbaijan funded by The World Zoroastrian Organisation and The Firuz Madon Trust.

The WZO Management pays tribute to Past Chairperson Ruby Contractor who passed away in London on Tuesday, 27th Decemmber, 2016 at the age of 88 years.

Issue 3/2016

Rather a shorter issue than the norm, but hopefully will prove of interest to you.

Particularly of interest is the WZO Seminar on Zoroastrian Religion, History and Culture, which Mr Sammy Bhiwandiwalla has given a detailed description of.

Members can view the 2016 Seminar videos in the news section.


Issue 2/2016

Here comes a light reading issue with some marvellous images which we hope you will enjoy.


Issue 1/2016

This issue of the Hamazor highlights the achievements of Nergis Mavalvala – an extraordinaire Physicist originally from Karachi.