Issue 2/2018

We are informed of Dr Farhang Meher’s passing away in this isuue. Farhang’s passing away is not only WZOs loss, but the loss of the whole Zarathushti community. Dr Farhang Mehr – one can say, was the Father of WZO, as it was at his suggestion, persuasion and vision that WZO was formed in 1980.

Also Prof John Hinnells, a devoted scholar to Zoroastrianism, a teacher, author of many essays and publications and an erudite lecturer passed away on 3 May at the age of 71.  Prof Hinnells had contributed a number of times in the Hamazor, despite his ill health.  He was held in high esteem for his scholarly work on our community, especially on the UK diaspora and through his efforts restarted the Zoroastrian Studies at SOAS.

All members of WZO are requested to read pp 69-72 carefully as it is an important piece of EU legislation to protect individuals. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May. The GDPR has been included for your information in this issue of The Hamazor.