Hamazor Issues
Issue 3/2016

Rather a shorter issue than the norm, but hopefully will prove of interest to you.

Particularly of interest is the WZO Seminar on Zoroastrian Religion, History and Culture, which Mr Sammy Bhiwandiwalla has given a detailed description of.

Members can view the 2016 Seminar videos in the news section.



Issue 2/2016

Here comes a light reading issue with some marvellous images which we hope you will enjoy.


Issue 1/2016

This issue of the Hamazor highlights the achievements of Nergis Mavalvala – an extraordinaire Physicist originally from Karachi.

Issue 4/2015

This issue reports on WZOs Annual Seminar in London and Dr Jenny Rose reports on her tour of Iran with some amazing photographs of the sights and relics. Ervad Tehemton Mirza introduces Lady Mobedyar Guloo Austin to the readers.

Issue 3/2015

In this 50th issue, Hamazor reprints some of the excellent articles printed since 2002. This issue also contains an article on WZO’s new Community Centre and HQ.

Issue 2/2015

This issues highlights the work of the WZO Trust in South Gujarat and on the ‘Jiyo Parsi’ project. There are some loose sheets regarding the settlement of the case of the 2 banned priests by the BPP.

Issue 1/2015

This issue reports on the 2 successful congresses. It also contains an interview with the author of a new book on the Shahnameh and an article on the great poet, Ferdowsi.

Issue 4/2014

This issue has an interesting article on Yezidism by an Yezidi and another on the Exposition of Spirituality in Zoroastrianism.