Homage Unto Ahura Mazda by Dasturji Dr Dhalla

WZO is pleased to assist in the UK distribution of a reprinted version of “Homage Unto Ahura Mazda” by Dasturji Dr M.N. Dhalla. Originally printed in 1943, the book is being reprinted and distributed free of charge by Pervin and Firdaus Dastoor to enable more readers to avail of it.


Dasturji Dr Maneckji N. Dhalla (1875-1956) was brought up in poverty in Karachi. Having studied ancient Zoroastrian languages and texts in Bombay, he was also able to study in America, first for an M.A. then a Ph.D. He described himself as “arriving as an orthodox but departing America in 1909 as a reformist”. On his return, he became High Priest in Karachi. He wrote several books on the history of Zoroastrianism, and a book of devotions. Personally, he was a quiet and devout man, popular and well-respected within the community in Karachi. However, he was rejected by some orthodox Parsis due to his forward-looking teachings. He continues to be revered for his life and teaching around the world. Dasturji Dr Dhalla believed in the power of Ahura Mazda, our religion and prayers, and worked towards spreading the message. His book “Homage Unto Ahura Mazda” includes translation of our Zoroastrian prayers into a comprehensible language, helping the reader to understand the meaning of the Avestan prayers we are used to praying and providing us with a resource through which we can better adopt a Zoroastrian way of life.

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Pervin writes “we had in our possession an old and frayed photocopy of the book, which originally belonged to my grandmother. My cousin Yasmin suggested that since this book has not been reprinted since 1943 it would be a good thing if we could find someone willing to reprint it. Firdaus and I felt it would be good if we could encourage others to adopt Dr. Dhalla’s teachings: ‘Ethics as the highest form of religious conduct’ in our daily lives. We decided that we should reprint 1500 copies and distribute them free of cost as widely as we could.”

The book has already been distributed in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore as well as India and Pakistan. 

 WZO will be distributing the book in the UK on behalf of Pervin and Firdaus Dastoor. We thank Pervin and Firdaus for their decision to reprint Homage Unto Ahura Mazda as being able to read the teachings of such a knowledgeable high priest will be of great benefit to us all.

 If you wish to receive a copy, please contact Darayus Motivala by email at darayus.motivala@w-z-o.org  or phone (+44) 1844 352887 or mobile (+44) 7944 488318

As WZO will be bearing the cost of the postage and packing of the book, any donations towards this cost would be greatly appreciated. Please ask Darayus for details or visit https://www.w-z-o.org/donate/