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Zoroastrian Summer School – SOAS


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Zoroastrian Summer School – SOAS

SOAS is pleased to announce that applications for the Zoroastrian Summer School are now open. The school will take place from 23rd to 27th September 2019, and will be held at the Norwegian Institute in Rome.

The Norwegian Institute, Rome

This year’s topic is ‘Zoroastrianism in modern and contemporary Iran’. It will be a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the study of Zoroastrianism. Students will be given an intensive learning experience, taught by senior academics from Norway, the UK and the US.

The school is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as those interested and prepared to undertake the pre-course reading. There are no tuition fees, and only a £40 registration fee for successful applicants. We are also pleased to offer four bursaries of £500 to help with the costs of travel and accommodation.

Applications are open until 24th June. In order to apply, please visit:

The SSPIZS website

You can find more information on the website and download the application form.