The World Zoroastrian Organisation welcomes membership from all Zoroastrians and those interested in Zoroastrianism. We strive to achieve Unity amongst all. Qualification for membership of Individuals under Article 9(1) of WZO’s Articles of Association states: “All Zoroastrians and their spouses and children.”

You can apply in 2 convenient ways:

  1. by using our online form which can be found below;   or
  2. by completing and returning the form by email. Please click WZO Membership Form (new) for the form

You can pay membership dues in the following ways:

  • Bank transfer to the World Zoroastrian Organisation in the UK in GBP (pounds sterling)
    Account Number: 10198036
    Sort Code: 60-91-94
  • visiting  - where you may pay to the General Fund via PayPal . Please include in the comments “Membership [Your Name]”

Please note that a payment via Paypal means that WZO does pay a processing fee, which means less of your money is able to go towards supporting the work of WZO. If possible, we request that UK members pay by bank transfer.

Please email if you require any further assistance or wish to pay by phone or cheque. 

 Subscription Fees:


(a) Family membership includes the primary member, his/her spouse and all children under the age of 18 years living at the same address. The children will not have voting rights. All communications will be sent to the primary member. Please list all secondary members as requested on the form.

(b) Students qualify for free membership for all individuals in full-time education AND are under 25 years old.

(c) Friends of WZO membership is for those interested in Zoroastrianism and   supporting  WZO, but do not qualify under Article 9 (1). They will enjoy all the benefits of full membership except for voting rights and receipt of the Zoroastrian calendar.



Under the WZO’s Articles of Association, an applicant requires a proposer and seconder, both being WZO members. Please enter the name of your proposer and seconder on the application form. If you do not have a proposer or seconder (or both), please state “None” and WZO will contact you to provide assistance. Alternatively please contact who will be able to assist.


WZO Membership Form
Payment can be made online, by credit/debit card, bank transfer, over the phone or by cheque. Details at
If you do not have a proposer, please state “None” along with your email address so that WZO can contact you to assist with your application.
If you do not have a seconder, please state “None” along with your email address so that WZO can contact you to assist with your application.
Please note that the annual subscription for membership is payable on the 1st of January in each year. In case of arrears, membership will be terminated 3 months after a reminder has been sent.
As a member, you agree to receiving communications from WZO by email and post. If you do not agree then please use the boxes above to indicate your preference. Unless you inform WZO otherwise, you will only receive electronic copies of WZO documents such as newsletters, Hamazor magazine, annual reports and accounts and the calendar.