WZO is the ONLY international organisation for all Zoroastrians worldwide and is registered as a charity in several countries to look after our own co-religionists however we can, and to provide information, education, practical help and support to those who contact us. We also raise funds to help in international emergencies. In such a miniscule and dispersed community, international solidarity is essential and endorsing our work by becoming a member lends credibility to what we do. Read More
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For all Zoroastrians and their spouses and children
I represent a Zoroastrian Organisation
For Non-Zoroastrians interested in Zoroastrianism and WZO
Basic Membership
This category of membership entitles you to all the benefits others enjoy but you will have to renew annually and if you overlook this, you will lose your right to vote, to receive our publication, have online access or to receive preferential prices for some of our events. We encourage you to take advantage of our special 3 year rate. UK residents could pay by Standing Order at a reduced rate.
Annual rate for £ 15.00 Apply

Annual by Standing Order for £ 12.00- Reduced Apply

3 years for £ 40.00- Reduced Apply
This membership category is free only for students who are in full time education. They will receive all membership benefits except the right to vote at AGM. Entitlement to this category ceases at 25 years of age.
No Cost
Premium Membership
This represents great value for money and removes the inconvenience of having to remember to renew annually by making a one off payment. It also helps our administration not to have to constantly monitor whether or not you have paid your subscription. This level of membership is an indication of commitment to WZO’s principles.
One off
£ 150.00
Parents and and all their children up to the age of 18 in the family may be registered for life, with one name within the household being used as the lead name to which correspondence and publications will be addressed. Voting rights extend to the two named adults. When children reach the age of 18, they will need to be registered independently.
One off
£ 250.00
Patron status is a gesture of generosity and confidence in the work that WZO undertakes in its endeavours to serve the Zoroastrian community worldwide. Patrons are very much appreciated and we try to use appropriate occasions to acknowledge their generosity. Life membership is an automatic entitlement.
One off
£ 300.00
Grand Patron
This highest level Patron status is an act of supreme generosity in support of the charitable work of WZO and an endorsement of the other areas of activity in which WZO is involved. Grand Patrons will receive invitations to special events and meetings whenever possible and appropriate, and of course life membership is conferred upon them.
One off
£ 600.00