Appeal for Financial Aid for Mr Rustom Mavalvala by admin

This is an appeal for Rustom Mavalvala who has been diagnosed with acute Stage 4 Cancer of the Colon and Liver in July 2016.

At this stage, the total budget that the family are looking at is approx. USD 200,000.

The treatment so far has entailed a cost of approximately Rs. 1 Crore which was funded partially by his employer, Pakistan State Oil Company Limited and Rustom and his wife Spenta’s personal savings which are now substantially depleted. The family has appealed for financial aid to save Rustom’s life.

Seventeen chemotherapies later, Rustom is now ready for the two surgeries as recommended by Dr. Tariq Siddiqui (an eminent Hematologist and Oncologist serving as the Director of the Cancer Centre at the Dr. Ziauddin Hospital in Karachi) in correspondence with foreign doctors.

Rustom’s surgery will involve merging technical components of both transplantation and oncologic liver surgery to provide an aggressive approach to treating his liver malignancy.

Dr. Tariq Siddiqui has therefore recommended the name of Dr. Alan Hemming who is one of USA’s leading liver surgeons, having performed more than a 1000 liver transplants at Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla San Diego and has a particular interest in dealing with complex cases of liver and bile duct cancer.

Following are links to the Patient Responsibility Estimate by UC San Diego Health System and an email from the hospital for Mr Rustom Mavalvala’s registration and lodging options for the family.

 Patient Responsibility Estimate by UC San Diego Health System

Hospital Email


Total Charges are estimated to be USD 107,382.26. UC San Diego Health offers a standard 45% off of the total charges as their standard self-pay discount, which means that only a payment of USD 59,060.24 must be paid in advance of services being rendered.

The estimate however does not include costs for pre and post-operative appointments, tests (labs, imaging, etc.) or medications. The hospital has advised the family to keep available USD 100,000 for this.

Additionally, the family is budgeting another USD 50,000 for Rustom’s second surgery in due course.

Following is Spenta Rustom Mavalvala’s letter of appeal to the WZO chairman, Mr Shahpur Captain which includes the estimated cost of the surgery.

Spenta Mavalvala’s request for Financial Aid for Rustom Mavalvala

Should you wish to donate for Rustom Mavalvala’s surgery, please send in your donations to:

1) Donation via cheque to WZO, UK:

You can make a payment  to The President, WZO, 135 Tennison Road, South Norwood, London SE25 5NF. UK.

Please make your cheques payable to ‘The World Zoroastrian Organisation’

UK residents can claim ‘Gift Aid’ for their donation.

2) Donation via check to WZO, US Region:

US citizens can make a payment to President of WZO, US Region, Mr Kayomarsh Mehta, 6943 Fieldstone Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527-5295.

Please make your checks payable to ‘The World Zoroastrian Organisation (US Region)’.

If you are a US Tax payer, then your donation is tax deductible.

3) Donation through the WZO website:

You may also make your donation on the home page (halfway down on the right hand side) of our website,

When making the payment through PayPal, please state Rustom in the Purpose section of the Recipient box.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still make your donations using your Credit card by clicking ‘Continue’ just below the text ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’.  Your payment will be made on PayPal’s secure server in a currency of your choice.

All monies received will be used to offset Mr Rustom Mavalvala’s’ treatment costs.

Should you need any additional information please contact Toxy Cowasjee on [email protected]

We need not stress the urgency in the matter and hope you will respond generously.

The family are in a time crunch since the first pre-surgery appointment has been scheduled for June 8, 2017 and also that the family is able to avail the substantial 45% self-pay discount by the hospital.

Please feel free to forward this email to your family and friends who may not have received it.

Thanking you in advance of your anticipated generosity.

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