BBO (Bozorg Bazgasht Org) and DZV (Zarathushthrian Association of Germany) held a two day gathering program in Hannover in Germany from Friday 18.Nov to Saturday 19.Nov.2016. by admin

The first official meeting of board of DZV (Zarathushthrian Association of Germany) after its official registration in Hannover in Germany was held on Friday, November 18, 2016.


The association is registered by the name “Zarathustrian Association of Germany” based in Hanover city in Germany.

On 18.11.2016, DZV (Zarathustrian Association of Germany) was officially designated as Non-profit association.

DZV is founded on the basis of the truthfulness of the Zoroastrian faith and under the constant direction of Mobed Kurosh Arayna.

DZV is an independent religious and cultural association and has no political interests and connections to any political or governmental organizations.

DZV is selflessly active and does not pursue economic interests.


The main goals of DZV:

  1. To promote the Zarathusthrian Religion in Germany.
  1. To help German Zarathushtrians to practice their religion, including establishment of a place / building for the community
  1. Conduct religious and cultural activities, including all religious Jashans, Navjote and wedding ceremonies.
  1. DZV welcomes cooperation with all Zoroastrian groups and associations all around the world.


Membership of DZV:


1.     All Zarathushthrians who live in Germany and are over 18 years of age and pay  monthly/annual membership fee.


2.     DZV will hold an annual meeting where all members can take part and board members will be elected for a period of three years.

Sedreh Pooshi jashan for some new Behdins.


A group Sedreh Pooshi/Navjote (initiation to Zoroastrian religion) took place in Hannover, Germany on Saturday 19.Nov.2016. Two German citizens and an Afghan citizen along with some Iranian citizens living in Germany were initiated into Zoroastrian religion.


The program was organized by DZV (Zoroastrian Association of Germany) and Bozorg Bazgasht Organization.

This was followed by a Zoroastrian marriage ceremony (Gavah Giran ceremony) conducted by Mobed Kurosh Aryana.


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