WZO Entrusted With £400,000 Sterling by admin

An act of Philanthropy through the Dennis William Richards Will Trust. The International Board of The World Zoroastrian Organisation, London U.K., is pleased to announce that the Trustees of the Dennis William Richards Will Trust have decided to allocate their Trust amount of £400,000 through WZO, as a charitable donation to alleviate the dire needs of the poor of India.

WZO publicly thanks Donors at their major event by admin

The Zoroastrian Organisation thanked the Trustee of the Dennis Williams Richards Will Trust, Mr Alex Burns, for the trust’s extremely generous donation.

An Evening with Lord Karan and Lady Heather Bilimoria by admin

In accordance with our tradition of paying tribute to outstanding individuals of our community, a special meeting was organised on 14thJune 07, at Asia House, London, in recognition of the honour bestowed on Karan Bilimoria by the British Government, with the elevation to the House of Lords, as Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea, CBE, DL.

Scholar Program of Mastering in Religion by WZO Admin

The world Zoroastrian Council accepts volunteers to educate a new generation of experts and masters in religion

Zoroastrianism is making a come-back by Shahin Bekhradnia

With the Gathas now available to Kurds in their own language thanks to a translation made and published for them based on Khosro Khazai’s recent work, a momentum has been created for Kurdish people who can now fully appreciate what the real meaning of Zoroastrianism is.

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