The World Zoroastrian Organisation requires a Zoroastrian Priest

An exciting opportunity has arisen to be the resident Zoroastrian priest for the World Zoroastrian Organisation’s community centre in Feltham.

WZO is seeking to recruit a full-time priest to tend to the Setayesh Gah in the Centre and engage with the members of the Zoroastrian community, with special emphasis on our youth.

The priest will be required to perform all religious ceremonies required by the Zoroastrian community and WZO.

WZO maintains an ethos of openness to all and it is important that this ethos is sustained when performing the priestly duties.

When necessary, the priest will be required to represent WZO at multi-faith and local events.

Candidates must have skills in the following areas:

A strong and encompassing understanding of Zoroastrianism

Be trained in the practices of a Zoroastrian priest from a recognised Athornan.

Fluency in English and Gujarati languages

Have at least three years’ experience of serving as a Zoroastrian priest

Ability to interact with and relate to all age groups, specially the youth.

Ability to work with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Ability to teach.

The role of the priest requires flexibility in working hours, and will necessarily include evening, weekends and bank holidays.

Apply in writing, by 23 May 2019 to
Darayus S Motivala,
WZO, World Zoroastrian House,
5 Hanworth Road, Feltham, TW13 5AF, United Kingdom

or email him at

Position Description
Position Summary:

The minimum salary on offer is £16,000 and includes rent free accommodation in the Centre including council rates and utilities.

The duties of the priest will be to tend to the Setayash Gah including performing the necessary prayers and keeping it clean and tidy.

The priest will allow members of the community to go there and offer prayers, as required.

The duties will include teaching Kusti Prayers to new initiates into the faith, run classes on the Zoroastrian faith, perform Navjote ceremonies, perform marriage ceremonies for those wishing to marry by Zoroastrian rites, and conduct the funeral rites.

The priest will be called upon to perform the Boi and Geh ceremonies four times a day, Jashan prayers, and the Muktad prayers as necessary.

As far as possible, these should be performed at the Centre and when necessary outside the Centre after seeking permission of the Secretary of the WZO.

These rites will be performed at set prices in agreement with the WZO.

Any sums received for these services will be paid back to WZO.

WZO will pay the priest a fixed rate for these external services plus his travelling expenses.

The priest will be required to manage telephone calls and visits from the membership and others, and where necessary pass the information to the requisite official for their follow up.

The priest must allow access to bona fide visitors to the Reading room in the Centre.

The priest is expected to be available at all WZO functions.

If religious utensils belonging to WZO are hired out by membership, the priest will be required to check them out and then check them in, properly ensuring that none are missing or damaged.

The priest will be required to show the facilities available for hire on the ground floor to potential hirers and pass on their details to the appropriate WZO official.

If the Main Hall or any other part of the building is rented out during the day or evening, the priest will ensure that the property is well taken care of.

The priest will be required to do some care-taking duties and liaise with the lease tenants occupying parts of the Centre.

The priest will work closely with all the officials of the WZO and provide facilities during their regular monthly meetings.