WZO Trusts in India

Our story started in 1980…

when a group of concerned Zoroastrians led by Shahpur Captain
felt an urgent need to assist displaced Zoroastrians wishing to resettle in the
West. At the same time it became self evident that in view of the growing diaspora,
a world body was needed to represent and inform the whole community which local
anjumans and associations could not do. A few years later, following the Bhaya report,
WZO started its fund-raising activities to assist vulnerable Zoroastrians in India
supported by a generous endowment from Mehraban and Goli Farhangi.

We are an international forward-looking Zoroastrian organisation
that still has at its heart the desire to assist those in need and to provide information
about Zoroastrianism. We operate an inclusive policy for all Zoroastrians and since
1993, our membership criteria allow non-Zoroastrian spouses married to Zoroastrians
to become full members. We are a progressive organisation that will meet the challenges
facing Zoroastrians in a changing world.
Mehraban & Goli Farhangi
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