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WZO Seminar on Zoroastrian Religion, History and Culture – Sunday 5th June,2016


Speaker 1: Alexandra Eleni Laura Buhler
Impact of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution on the Zoroastrian community

Speaker 2: Professor Dr Maria Macuch
The Zoroastrian Background of Sasanian Law

Speaker 3 : Professor Simon James
Of Mithras and Magi, Cataphracts and Crowns: the forgotten influence of Sasanian Iran on the Roman World


WZO Seminar’s Panel – 5th June 2016  

The entire seminar article along with the description of what each speaker spoke can be viewed at the following link on the WZO website:



WZO Seminar on Zoroastrian Religion, History and Culture – Sunday 7th June,2015


Speaker 1: Mobedyar Mahshad Khosraviani
My ordination and experiences as a female Mobedyar

Speaker 2 : Dr Leon Goldman
Neryosangh and the Parsi Sanskrit Tradition



WZO Chairman Mr Shahpur Captain, WZO President Mr Sammy Bhiwandiwalla and Hon. Secretaries Mr Darayus Motivala and Shahin Bekhradnia speaking with Mr Arshid Ghavanian of Pars TV after the June 2015 Seminar




NAZC Presentation given by Darayus S Motivala, Past Chairman and President, at the North American Zoroastrian Congress on 30 December 2014 on his journey with WZO.

The quality of the sound in the first 4 minutes is very poor but please bear with it.



Professor Almut Hintze, renowned Zoroastrian scholar endorses ‘The Path Of Zarathustra’.

Watch the video to know more.



WZO Seminar 2008 Prof. Keija Yan & Dr Takeshi Aoki “Zoroastrians in Tang China (618 – 907)  



WZO Seminar 2006 Burzine_Waghmar “Mazdeans And Muslims During And After The Conquest Of Iran”  



WZO Seminar 2004 Prof. Stanley Insler “Zarathustra’s Genetic Code”  



WZO Seminar 2004 Dariush Irandoost “Zoroastrian Nostalgia of Tajiks”  



Help the poor in India  

This DVD was produced by ERSF (Erach & Roshan Sadri Foundation), one of the many charitable trusts that provides financial support to the those in need through WZO.




Ahura Support – Empowering people with special needs

Ahura Support is a Charitable Trust in Mumbai for welfare of families with persons of mental and developmental disorders. This video shows the work done by the volunteers to help persons who are mentally and developmentally challenged.



The Promise of New Day  

A video produced by the World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust on its work in Gujarat, India