The World Zoroastrian Organisation is an international organization created to support Zoroastrians all over the world with aid, education, community, and advocacy. All Zoroastrians of any background are welcome to join and we also welcome membership from non-Zoroastrian supporters and friends. Here's what membership supports and provides:

*The WZO raises funds to support wherever and whenever financial aid is needed. As a registered charity and philanthropic organization in several countries, we have the infrastructure and resources to aid those in need when they come to us for help. We firmly believe in full solidarity with the global Zoroastrian community and are constantly working towards various methods to help Zoroastrians in need.

*The WZO also actively networks and connects Zoroastrians so that no matter where a Zoroastrian is they can connect with other co-religionists if possible. We also host inclusive social, educational, and cultural events and activities that help Zoroastrians connect to their faith and cultures and also help educate non-Zoroastrians about our faith.

*The WZO aims to be the main forward-facing Zoroastrian organization when it comes to educating the general public about Zoroastrianism. Through our connections in media, business, politics, education, diplomacy, interfaith and more, the WZO works towards making sure Zoroastrians are represented accurately and our voices become part of the conversation.

*The WZO operates the World Zoroastrian House located in Feltham, which is easily accessible by road and train from London and elsewhere. We can help to arrange a wide variety of Zoroastrian ceremonies, interfaith weddings, religious initiations (Sedreh Pooshi/Navjote), and more. The WZO House is also available to rent for private events, conferences, and celebrations and we also host rituals there done by our Resident Priest which can be both attended in person and seen online.

*The WZO produces Hamazor, our chief periodical that is released 3 times a year. With contributors from all over the Zoroastrian world in various fields of expertise, Hamazor is full of informative, witty, entertaining, and engaging content for all readers. We welcome contributions and our team works hard to produce the highest  quality issues possible.

Our History

Our story started in 1980 ... when a group of concerned Zoroastrians led by Shahpur Captain felt an urgent need to assist displaced Zoroastrians wishing to resettle in the West.

At the same time it became self-evident that in view of the growing diaspora, a world body was needed to represent and inform the whole community which local anjumans and associations could not do.

A few years later, following the Bhaya report, WZO started its fund-raising activities to assist vulnerable Zoroastrians in India supported by a generous endowment from Mehraban and Goli Farhangi.

Today: We are an international forward-looking Zoroastrian organisation that still has at its heart the desire to assist those in need and to provide information about Zoroastrianism.

We operate an inclusive policy for all Zoroastrians and since 1993, our membership criteria allow non-Zoroastrian spouses married to Zoroastrians to become full members.

We are a progressive organisation that will meet the challenges facing Zoroastrians in a changing world.

Zoroastrian Community
WZO is committed to working for all Zoroastrians, irrespective of their ethnicity and location.

We operate a policy of inclusiveness and respect for each other.

Arranging social events is a key way of bringing the community together.

In the UK, we have our NowRuz Dinner/Dance which has an Iranian theme whilst the Shahenshahi Dinner/Dance is more Parsee oriented.

We encourage our local chapters to organise appropriate functions within their areas.

WZO continues to support the rights of the individuals against oppression from any source and at all levels.

The Zoroastrian community is generally very public-spirited and philanthropic.

WZO exemplifies this mood by responding to appeals following major natural disasters and genuine pleas from non-Zoroastrians.

Individual donors and benefactors
WZO is very fortunate to have a number of donors supporting its activities.

Some of these provide a regular income whilst others respond positively to special appeals.

Several of our benefactors have bequeathed sums to WZO in their wills.

Donations are received at fund-raising events, through the website and by post at the regional offices.

Charitable organisations

Numerous Zoroastrian and non-Zoroastrian charitable organisations have such confidence and trust in WZO for accountability and fairness in its activities that they are willing to channel their charitable activities through us.

In particular, we are grateful to the Zoroastrian Charitable Funds of Hong Kong, Canton and Macao, the Sir Ratan Tata Fund, the Bai Maneckji Jijibhoy Fund and the Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation for confirming their confidence in us.

Global charitable activities
India remains the focus of our charitable activities through the WZO Trusts Funds, ably managed by their Managing Trustee, Dinshaw Tamboly and his wife, Bachi.

Interest-free educational loans and medical grants are offered to those seeking assistance anywhere in the world.

WZO also helps non-Zoroastrian individuals and organisations.

Two such projects are the CHAL project in Pakistan to help child victims with prosthetic limbs and in Kolkata to reduce child slavery.

Relief of Poverty
WZO provides regular monthly payments to retired residents in Gujarat, living well below the poverty line.

We also provide a regular income to practising and retired Zoroastrian priests.

Welfare for those in need
WZO has a Senior Citizens Centre in Navsari, India for up to 53 residents.

We provide interest-free micro-credit loans for Zoroastrians wanting to start a business and for specific projects to farmers in Gujarat.

We finance the building of brick homes to replace the cow dung and mud huts in rural India through sponsorship.

WZO provides medical grants to offset some of the high costs of urgent and essential treatment.

Educational loans and facilities
WZO believes that providing an opportunity for education is a key element in improving the living standards of our future generation.

Through its own Educational funds and in conjunction with other charitable organisations, WZO provides grants and interest-free loans.

This is at all levels from schooling to post-graduate courses.

We have made donations to other organisations, such as the Fali Chotia and the Californian Zoroastrian Centre who offer scholarships to students.

Seminars on Zoroastrianism
Informing others about the Zoroastrian religion and customs is enshrined in WZO’s constitution.

We organise an annual summer seminar in London and sponsor others in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

The speakers are internationally renowned and the topics are very varied.