Rumi Sethna

Mr Rumi Sethna | Chairman, WZO

WZO lost two stalwarts Shahpurji, the founder of WZO and Sammy Bhiwandiwalla who was the Chairman of WZO in a span of one month in December 2020.

Rumi Sethna has kindly agreed to steer The World Zoroastrian Organisation and has been elected as the Chairman of WZO on the 7th February 2021.

Rumi alongwith his wife Hilda raised over £15000 for the extension of the ZTFE premises in London in the early 80s. Rumi and Hilda joined WZO in 1986 and turned their own home into its Headquarters from where the Gujerat farmers project operated after 1990. They travelled to India filming the condition of rural Parsis in order to raise awareness worldwide.

With perseverance and commitment for over 20 years they have raised more than £200000 for the farmers of Gujerat and their fund raising work continues.

Hilda and Rumi have hosted many Gala Dinner Dances in aid of the charitable activities of WZO.

Rumi addressed the WZO Committee Members after being elected as the Chairman and we are happy to share Rumi’s Speech with all our members and well wishers worldwide:

"I was deeply shocked to hear the news on 1st December 2020 that my friend and fellow worker Shahpur had passed away. We had known each other since 1961 and then a further shock came on 27 th December 2020 that Sammy had passed away. Sammy joined the committee in 1988 and soon took an active role. He succeeded me as a Chairman in 2004 when I resigned. Both these gentlemen gave their heart and soul to our Organisation. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking them for the work and effort they gave to build this organisation.

I am humbled that people on this present committee have proposed me to be Chairman of WZO. Some of the committee members I have not even met or spoken to. I have taken a back seat since my resignation as a Chairman in September 2004. I have had occasional chats with Shahpur, Sammy and Darayus when they had wanted to sound out some problems.

WZO is very dear to me. I have been very involved on the committee since my election in 1986. I had served as a secretary, treasurer, president and for the final 4 years as a chairman.

During my time as a president under Shahpur and later as a chairman I travelled to Pakistan, India, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to promote WZO and the work we were doing. When we started work in Gujerat my wife and I went to the villages taking videos of the work that was being done and the poverty that our brethren were living in. When these videos were shown abroad the money started flowing in from overseas and today The WZO trust in India is self-funding and carrying out all the activities to alleviate the poverty among our people. My trips to New Zealand, Australia and the USA were to ask the Anjumans to unite and join us in order that we spoke with one voice in the United Nations and other bodies.

I asked the secretary Benafsha to forward to me a list of the committee members and am very impressed by the skills that we have amongst us. I am certainly going to make full use of all your abilities and would like to nominate duties to each person on the committee. There is no point in warming a seat and not committing yourself. There are many areas to be covered such as rentals, social events, seminars, promoting WZO internationally and negotiating with international bodies.

Between 2001 and 2003 Farhang Mehr, Professor Kaikhosrov Irani, Adi Davar, Rustam Dubash and myself tried to get local anjumans to become members of the WZO but some of the groups rejected the idea – for whatever reason. WZO is not only for charitable purpose. It was originally formed for political reasons. It helped people in Iran to be repatriated to the West during the revolution in Iran.

We then became a charitable organisation which created the Medical Benevolent fund instigated by our beloved Noshirwan Cowasjee, the Gujarat fund which raised the standards of our community in India, holiday fund for the poor instigated by Shirinbanoo Kutar.

With the support of you all I hope that we can take this further to be a globally recognised organisation and maybe get recognised by United Nations. I would dearly like all associations to join us so that we can speak with one voice and help our community where ever they are in the world."

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF


Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw MBE | President, WZO

Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw MBE was elected as the President of The World Zoroastrian Organisation on the 7th February 2021.

Professor Zenobia addressed the WZO Committee Members after being elected as the President and we are happy to share her speech with all our members and well wishers worldwide:

First and foremost I welcome you all to the WZO committee meeting being held this afternoon. Thank you to all the other WZO members from different parts of the world who are attending and listening. Secondly, I thank you all for your response and putting your faith and trust in me and my role as President of the WZO. I give you full assurance that with the help of the local committee and the WZO organization in the different parts of the world we will go onto bigger and better achievements.

In the spirit of Shahpurji and Sammy we need to work collaboratively ---- particularly under the very sorry conditions of lockdown due to the covid pandemic raging across the world. It is now even more important to work in a collaborative and constructive manner with due diligence, respect and kindness towards each of us and between each of us. We need to continue the legacy left by Shahpurji and Sammy to offer solutions to our progress by doing appropriate work by taking honest and sensible decisions and being guided by Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds. Our business is to see clearly what lies ahead and how we proceed on the road to success and prosperity for all the community members and beyond. Thank You”.

Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw MBE is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and with 3 Honorary Doctorates and 2 Professorships at 2 different Universities in UK. She has over 44 years of experience of working in the English National Health Services and social services sector also Voluntary and Statutory Corporations with financial and management responsibilities.

Her areas of experience and practice includes clinical work, managerial and organisational work (including Corporate Governance work)  Her Academic work  extends as a Publisher, Teacher, Trainer, Examiner and Supervisor. She has published widely in the area of Double Discrimination which addresses issues of inequality, disadvantage and discrimination for vulnerable people in Society. One of her jointly edited book won the first Prize in the Health Series from the British Medical Association.

Professor Zenobia is highly regarded in the world of  Corporate planning, provision and service planning. Through her management of the different sections and special interest groups of the British Psychological Society she has influenced a wide work force in the Health and Social Services Sector. Professor Nadirshaw has had a major influence on service delivery, service planning, service provisions and on the training and competencies which was further effectively improvised in a multicultural, multi-ethnic British context.

She is well versed with the topics of Corporate Governance, team management, new business development and business strategy, including Risk Assessment and Risk Management, mentoring, negotiation, action research, Corporate  Management, Organisational Consultant / Supervisor, Finance Management, Audit and Ethical and Moral responsibility of Organisations. She has been Trustee and Chair of several Boards and Committees, including being Honorary Treasurer.

Professor Nadirshaw has worked extensively with students and with National Community Organisations with a view to encourage, support and develop the younger workforce  in terms of their leadership skills, their  management capacity to work and benefit  from working in diverse environments. Her work ethos has always been  to deliver on strategies in a competent manner and to deliver on key components of Corporate Strategy (Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Continuing Professional and Management Development, Ethical and Moral Responsibility.

Professor Nadirshaw has received several awards over the years from the British Psychological Society, from the City of London (Freeman of the City of London), Inspirational Migrant Woman of The Year and in 2019 received an MBE from Prince William at Buckingham Palace in 2019.


List of Major Awards:


1) The MBE June 2019 given by Prince William at Buckingham Palace

2) City of London Award, Nov 2017

3) Honorary Life Fellow and Lifetime Achievement Award. The British Psychological Society 2017.

4) Inspirational Woman of the year Award 2016.

5) Woman of Inspiration 2016.  (Her portrait was hung in the National Portrait Gallery in London).

6) The TIAW World of Difference award. The International Alliance of Women 2012 Washington.

7) Asian Woman of Achievement Award 2007.

8) Challenging Inequality of Opportunity Award. British Psychological Society 1996-1997


Professor Zenobia`s extensive experience, her dedication and enthusiasm is awe inspiring. WZO wishes Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw many further years of great achievements.

Contact Details
WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Mr Dastur (Dr) Kersi H Antia

Mr Dastur (Dr) Kersi H Antia | Vice-President, WZO

Kersi, our Vice President, became a founding member of WZO, aware of the need to offer international help to Iranian Zoroastrians after 1979. Being a professional psychologist and priest -scholar of Zoroastrianism, he also serves his community. Beginning to research in his teens, he has continued to writing and lecturing widely on the universal philosophy of Zarathusthra, helping to deliver both the educational and supportive mission of the WZO.

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WZO US Region

Dinyar Modi

Mr Dinyar Modi | Honorary Treasurer WZO

Dinyar, an accountant by profession, is entrusted with the record keeping of all financial transactions of WZO and he is also instrumental in the creation of the annual reports and company house rules and regulation, Articles and Memorandum matters. He is responsible for the SORP accounting and regulatory requirements for charitable bodies. He has served on the WZO board since 1996.

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Mrs Toxy Cowasjee

Mrs Toxy Cowasjee | WZO Vice President and Former Editor of Hamazor

Toxy believes in no discrimination whether it is for religion or sex. Since her role began in 2002 as Editor of the Hamazor, she has tried to promote the betterment of the Zoroastrian community through this WZO publication. She joined the WZO committee in 1992, carrying out numerous fund raisers under the banner of WZO.

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WZO Pakistan

Mrs Benafsha Engineer Mulla

Mrs Benafsha Engineer - Mulla | Honorary Secretary

Benafsha has been working in the aviation industry, assisting her mother Mrs Armaity Engineer with the WZO social programmes and is the WZO’s youth representative. Benafsha is keen to encourage young members to come together as she see that the future of our community lies with the younger generation. After resignation of both the previous secretaries Benafsha has filled the void of Company Secretary.  Benafsha has been in the WZO Committee since 2008.  She has represented WZO at the 5th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress, at the European Interfaith Youth Congress and given presentations on behalf of WZO. Benafsha has been a part of the Core Committee of the European Interfaith Youth Network.

Contact Details
WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Armaity Engineer

Mrs Armaity R Engineer | Social Secretary

Armaity has long experience in the Hospitality industry and is therefore ideally suited as a WZO social coordinator. Armaity joined the WZO committee in 2007. She has orchestrated some outstanding events at prestige venues and her reputation for good taste is now well established. Armaity also dedicates her time to the daily running and affairs and the ongoing refurbishment work at WZH. Her experience in hiring the Hall, Bar and running and management of Commercial Kitchen is unmatched for. Armaity maintains the various inventory and the required Stocks at the WZH. She also actively manages our WZO Employees, Priest and In Kind Services to our Community and checks their various work regularly with the WZH Operational Team in place. Armaity also actively looks after various minor maintenance repair works as needed to the Building and the Premises. She actively takes part in Planning Permission with our newly appointed Architect in various manners.

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Tushna Ghadially

Ms Tushna Ghadially

After earning a Masters Degree in Economics and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from University of London, Tushna had a successful 12-year career as a Fund Manager at one of the largest pension funds in the UK, and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Since the birth of her child, she has focussed her efforts on creating a local parenting community in the area she lives in, providing support, assistance and a social community to over 2,500 local parents on a non-profit basis. She also volunteers on the committee of her local amenity society, working with local government and institutions to ensure the often conflicting needs of residents and businesses are considered. Tushna currently works as a Bursary Home Visitor, working with independent schools and families to help children access education opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. We at WZO welcome Tushna to the Committee.

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Dr Godafareed Irani

Mrs Dr. Godafreed Irani (MBBS, MRCOG) | Grants Co-Ordinator

Godafreed is a medical practitioner and in this capacity she is best placed to help WZO assess the merit of the many applications for financial medical assistance that we receive. She is therefore the Grants Coordinator and also plays an active role in committee meetings on which she has served since 2003. With the current challenge of Covid 19 her advise is much sought after for the Health, Sanitary and various level of PHE guidance currently needed to be strictly followed.

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 5 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Rustam Dubash

Rustam Soli Dubash | Senior partner in the English law firm Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP

Rustam Soli Dubash is a senior partner in the English law firm Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP, where he specialises in commercial dispute resolution matters and is the co founder of the India group at the firm.

Rustam was born in Bombay and studied at Campion School and at Sydenham College (B.Com) and Government Law (LLB), University of Bombay. Rustam came to England in 1979 and passed his English solicitors examination in 1984.

Rustam was a committee member of WZO from October 1992 to September 2006, during which period, he served as joint secretary and as President supporting Rumi Sethna and Sammy Bhiwandiwala during their tenure as Chairman of WZO. Rustam was involved in several WZO projects during this period, including being heavily involved in 2003/2004 in the formation of a World Body to include individuals and federations.

Rustam is married with two adult daughters.

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Filli Jamshedji Vapiwala

Mr Filli Jamshedji Vapiwala | WZO Committee, U.K.

Filli has been on the WZO U.K. Committee since 2012.

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Ervad Jimmy Khushroo Madon

Ervad Jimmy Khushroo Madon | Youth Co-ordinator

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, Ervad Jimmy Khushroo Madon moved to the United Kingdom for Higher Education. After securing his degree in Computing from the University of East London, he has been working as a Software Engineer for the past decade.He is currently pursuing a part-time M.Sc. in Software Engineering at the University of Oxford. He further enjoys transferring his passion for the subject by giving part-time lectures at various universities in the UK.

He was ordained a priest at the age of 12 and has carried out liturgical ceremonies for the Zoroastrian community all over the world.

As the Youth Coordinator of the World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO) and the ex-Secretary for the Young Zoroastrians of the UK (ZTFE’s youth wing), he actively helps in organizing community events in the UK. He has been a volunteer teacher at the religious educational classes in London for kids and parents for the past 10 years.

He believes that Zoroastrianism or one’s religion should be a practical way of life and presented this topic at the 6th and 7thWorld Zoroastrian Youth Congresses in Auckland, New Zealand and Los Angeles, USA respectively.

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WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF


Ms Manijeh Parki | WZO Iranian Co ordinator

Manijeh has been a very active and energetic Committee Member since 2015. Manijeh is our Iranian Co-ordianator and has been organising Youth Camps for the Iranian Youth every year. She was also instrumental in organising Avestan Classes at our centre The World Zoroastrian House. Manijeh has also been organising the Nowruz events for WZO. She has also been organising Jashne Sadeh gatherings in the UK for several years but this was the first opportunity to bring it under the wing of WZO and all the credit goes to Manijeh. Manijeh is well respected among the Iranian Community and she is truly an asset to the WZO.

Contact Details
WZO, World Zoroastrian House, 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, TW13 5DF

Kayomarsh Mehta

Mr Kayomarsh Mehta | President, WZO US Region

Kayomarsh, President of the WZO US region, has extensive experience of managing local association affairs in the US for 40 years. He is active in educating about Zoroastrianism which along with his training in finance and management gives him a sound professional background with which to serve the Zoroastrian community

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WZO US Region


Mr Maneck Nawroji Bhujwala | WZO USA

Mr Maneck Nawroji Bhujwala was elected to the WZO Committee in the 2016 AGM meeting.

Maneck is involved in a lot of interfaith activities.

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WZO US Region

Mr Ervad (Dr) Jehan Bagli President, WZO Canada

Mr Ervad (Dr) Jehan Bagli | President, WZO Canada

Jehan has been involved in the affairs of WZO since 2003 when he was elected to the International Board. Being interested in interfaith activities he has assisted WZO representatives in that area. He was vice-president of WZO during the years 2008-2010. To participate in the efforts to alleviate poverty and further the knowledge base of the community at large, Jehan took the initiative to establish ‘WZO Canada’ in the hope of fulfilling some of these goals.

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WZO Canada


Mrs Meher P Amersey | WZO, India

Meher is a relative newcomer to the WZO family. Meher is the founder and current President of the Association of Inter Married Zoroastrians, an association set up over 20 years ago to assist inter faith married Zoroastrians. Meher is also actively involved with the Time & Talents Club, a Charitable Organization working towards the upliftment of the under privileged in Maharashtra State. She is also the Main Trustee of the P.N. Amersey High School in Gandhidham, Kutch.

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WZO India

Darius Mistry

Mr Darius Mistry | President, WZO New Zealand

Darius, having settled in New Zealand in 1987, and coming originally from Mumbai, has been involved in the setup of WZO-NZ since its inception in 2004, managing its affairs since then. Darius was also a founding member of the local ZANZ association formed after the huge influx of Zartoshti’s to New Zealand during early 2000. Darius runs a very successful IT company in New Zealand, and is always willing to assist Zartoshtis in any way he can

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WZO New Zealand

Russi Ghadiali

Mr Russi M Ghadiali | President, WZO Singapore

Russi has lived in Singapore for 37 years where he has served as the President/Vice President of the Zoroastrian community many times: his hope is to keep the local Zoroastrian community united. Active in Interfaith activities in S E Asia, his services to the wider community received national recognition recently from the Prime Minister of Singapore.

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WZO Singapore


Mr Kersi B Shroff | WZO, U.S.A.

Kersi Bhikhaji Shroff is an International Board Member of the World Zoroastrian Organisation.  

Kersi is an attorney in the United States specializing in international and comparative law. He graduated from a law school in Pakistan, qualified as a Barrister at Law in England, and achieved a Master’s degree in Comparative Law in the United States. In his legal career, Kersi served the U.S. Government as the Chief of the Western Law Division and Co-Director of Legal Research.

Kersi is a regular contributor to the Journal of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA), and Hamazor, the publication of the World Zoroastrian Organization.

He was the Guest Editor of the 2012 spring issue of the FEZANA Journal.

An interest in archaeology, sparked by reports of findings in Western China of funerary artefacts displaying Zoroastrian themes, led him to further research the presence of Zoroastrianism along the storied Silk Route. In 2013, he joined a Russian archaeological expedition to Tajikistan to excavate 5th – 7th sites in the ancient regions of Sogdiana and Bactria, that are mentioned in the Avesta.  A return visit in 2014 to Tajikistan, and neighbouring Uzbekistan, increased his knowledge of the historical prevalence of Zoroastrianism in former Eastern Iranian lands situated in Central Asia.

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Dr Parmis Khatibi | WZO, U.S.A.

Dr Parmis Khatibi was elected into the WZO Committee in 2011 and has since then been a valuable member of the WZO International Committee

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