Shahenshahi Zarthost-No-Diso

With thanks to WZO Board Member Kayomarsh Mehta of the Zarathushti Learning Center of North America for sharing this article with us.

“Dae Mahino, Khorshed Roj” is observed as Zarthost-No-Diso, the commemoration of the death anniversary of our prophet Zarathushtra.  This year, the Shahenshahi Zarthost-No-Diso falls on Monday, the 23rd of May. As we approach Zarthost-No-Diso, this article below is a compilation of thoughts and lessons learned from reflecting upon Prophet Asho Zarathushtra’s life upon his death anniversary.

Prophet Asho Zarathushtra’s Death Anniversary is known as Asho Zarthosht No Diso. It is commemorated on Mah Dae & Roj Khorshed. According to Shenshahi calendar, it occurs in late May and according to Fasli calendar it occurs in late December.

On the occasion of his death anniversary, the memory of his departed soul is revered. His memory triggers my thoughts and reflections in admiration of the Prophet’s life. As I ponder over his life, I am inspired with some subtle, noble and uplifting lessons for my life.

1. I learn from the Prophet’s life and his teachings that the main purpose of my life in this world is the progress of my soul. Asho Zarathushtra lived his entire life for promoting Good. Wherever he saw Evil, he fought against it and removed it. Just like him, I must avoid and shun all that is wrong and evil. I must get rid of all the clutter, the disorder from my mind. I must develop a Good and benevolent mind – Vohoo Manangha. I must adopt attitudes that promote Good and bring about Order in my life, so that my soul can make progress.


2. The second thing that his life teaches me is that life is not a bed of roses. It is a mixed bag of happiness and obstacles. Even the Prophet had to face several difficulties and experience numerous disappointments in his life. He fought and overcame them and achieved what he had set out to do, come what may. This teaches me, that I must expect disappointments and failures in my life. I must be prepared to meet and overcome them. I must develop unflinching Faith and profound Vision – Aaramaiti. I must face difficulties with courage and conviction.


3. The third lesson that I learn from Asho Zarathushtra’s life is that real happiness lies in fulfilling my duties and obligations. Life is a struggle and I must contribute my share to it. I must develop patience and foresight. I must demonstrate devotion to the cause of Righteousness – Asha. Through thick and thin, I must see that my obligations are met. I must always speak the Truth and act in a righteous manner.


4. I must be eager and anxious to do benevolent work… Asho Zarathushtra demonstrated zeal in his endeavors. Likewise, I must live my life for the good of others. The Gathas teach us that Happiness is achieved, when I make others Happy. If I help others, I will gain the power of Ahura Mazda – Khashathraa, to do more and more good. As and where I see a need, I must promptly serve selflessly. 


5. The passing away of Asho Zarathushtra is the fifth lesson that I learn from his life. When his time came, even a Prophet who enlightened the world through his teachings had to leave this world. This is a mandate that I cannot forget. Our soul has to move on after having lived a useful life. I must eventually pass away. Since I don’t know when I will pass away, I need to be prepared for it all the time. I must make sure that I lead a purposeful and meaningful life every single day. I must help others on a daily basis. Only when I have lived my life for the good of others, my soul can attain Perfection and Immortality, the ultimate goal of my life!